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#ad A romantic getaway calls for a head to toe makeover! Which also includes being hairless in the places that matter 😉 Thank you Kenzzi for sponsoring this video! Use code ADR50 for $50 off your own Kenzzi here:


Adrienne Bailon Houghton shares her #HiLow hacks on going glam without breaking the bank! Tips and tricks for mixing high end and inexpensive pieces in all things beauty, fashion, home décor, and entertaining. Tune in every Tuesday at 10AM PST to watch. #GRWM #AllThingsAdrienne

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  • Do you still go all out for your boo when it comes to looking cute?

    All Things AdrienneAll Things Adrienne2 ամիս առաջ
    • Absolutely!!!! After 27 years of marriage 😍😝

      Candice SmithCandice Smith3 օր առաջ
    • How often tho.

      KyKy4 օր առաջ
    • Definitely keeps it up especially for getaways or dates :) I’m 9 years in. Mom is super funny lol

      Jokebed DexisteJokebed Dexiste9 օր առաջ
    • What foundation are you wearing?

      Grace SoudahGrace Soudah9 օր առաջ
    • @Yaquesita finna be me in a few years lmao

      Priel ThePrunePriel ThePrune10 օր առաջ
  • Wait until you have kids with no nanny and working a full time job.

    Michelle HarrisonMichelle HarrisonՕր առաջ
  • YOUR MOM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michelle HarrisonMichelle HarrisonՕր առաջ
  • Mom is 100% right with the hair. Girl you really need to know that everything does not need to be $$$$$. Old school really knew how to rock on a budget but this generation would not learn from those who came before them. You need to hang and really talk with old school more.

    Michelle HarrisonMichelle HarrisonՕր առաջ
  • Rank and Stank LOL Girl your funny. I dont know what your mom is talking about Mayo smells gross.

    B cB cՕր առաջ
  • It’s a whole vibeeee🥰 love the red goes good with your skin

    Vee CeeVee CeeՕր առաջ
  • I love you so much girl you’re hilarious, humble & real! Yass!

    Gk Loves JCGk Loves JCՕր առաջ
  • I tried to wax hair on my stomach before and when I pulled the strip, it was so painful that I thought I ripped my whole stomach off!

    Chrystal RiversChrystal RiversՕր առաջ
  • After the mayo do just rinse it and not put anything else

    yolanda pastoryolanda pastor2 օր առաջ
  • All the times!!! Lol💕

    RMSRMS3 օր առաջ
  • Yesssssss !!! 27 years married to my BFF ... and I still get all “ dolled - up” when we do a “get-away” 😜

    Candice SmithCandice Smith3 օր առաջ
  • My grandma would say,”que mucho jode”... kiss me and roll her eyes.

    Betsy MartinezBetsy Martinez3 օր առաջ
  • Lol

    Alicia RidgeAlicia Ridge3 օր առաջ
  • I say, to each his own.

    Betsy MartinezBetsy Martinez3 օր առաջ
  • Yup!! Mama knows. I get Queen Helene cholesterol. Slap it on Saturday with a shopping bag on my head while I clean🤣

    Betsy MartinezBetsy Martinez3 օր առաջ
  • Lmfao u are.sooo almost 6 yrs into my marriage....and i admit..i have not been keeping up...but u have inspired me lol...thank u for the good laugh. And eye opening experience

    Geraldine RodriguezGeraldine Rodriguez3 օր առաջ
  • I love watching you do your stuff and be all extra😍😍😍💃🏼, haha😃❤️💃🏼🕺🏼💃🏼

    Dzidzor DecuttDzidzor Decutt4 օր առաջ
  • Anybody else remove their nail polish with other nail polish 💅🏼 Or it just me 👀

    Katia TeteltitlaKatia Teteltitla4 օր առաջ
  • Been married 42 years, our ideas of romantic night is going to dinner dressed casual wear, and come home for a movie. Usually! The movies ends up watching one of us. But I keep myself up for myself, usually it's my nails and hair.

    Wonder WonderfulWonder Wonderful4 օր առաջ
  • I love this! Do more real vlogs like this !! Loved seeing every single thing you did.

    KyKy4 օր առաջ
  • Babyygiiiirrrlll! No need for coconut oil and sugar, just lightly brush your lips with your toothbrush after brushing your teeth . It works wonders and is super quick and not messy like the coconut oil!

    Mariah ColemanMariah Coleman5 օր առաջ
  • Its because of the protein. Get aphogee protien.

    Naiym1Naiym15 օր առաջ
  • Your never married to long to keep your self up it's for yourself as much as it's for your man love that u r doing this I also try to keep my self up we all should it just makes u feel better. Trust me your man will notice☺️

    Tammy SmithTammy Smith6 օր առաջ
  • Yes I have been married for 27 years I still try to look good and sexy for hubby

    PrincessPrincess6 օր առաջ
  • Guuuurrrllllllll!!! I went to beauty school. We learned to wax like the second week in. And Gurrrllll i thought i was a pro. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. So i went to SALLY'S!!! bought some wax. Okay! Girl i was like let me make a drinky poo and wax my "area"........ welll. All I'm gonna say is my best friend had to come over and rip it off. And girl i lived in an apartment that was gated. So i had to go down stairs amd open a gate 2 complexes away. I CRIED. THERE WAS BLOOD. God bless Kenzi

    Sharon MarshSharon Marsh8 օր առաջ
  • Olive oil works good. Just leave hair greasy after so rinse with apple cider vinger and two wash with shampoo twice

    Grace SoudahGrace Soudah9 օր առաջ
  • loved this episode, it should be named...Maaaa! 🤣 I have been married for 15 yrs, 3 girls and no I don't do this stuff...I might doing when all my girls leave the house 🤣 when the nest get empty. lol

    Jeannette PenaJeannette Pena10 օր առաջ
  • I just wanna say, you didn’t drop the Mayo, you mami accidentally pushed it down when she grabbed the cling wrap ay jesuuu

    mzpacmanmakeup12mzpacmanmakeup1210 օր առաջ
  • 🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰aww

    Tanaja McclurkinTanaja Mcclurkin11 օր առաջ
  • Maaa! 🤣🤣

    Be In Fine FeatherBe In Fine Feather12 օր առաջ
  • Sorry if this is a dumb question, bc I’m not that girly! I’m just surprised, you do makeup first before hair? You are so pretty the whole time and I’m not even decent with makeup until the end end. Lol!

    Cakeb0tCakeb0t12 օր առաջ
  • My mom would be like "ahora que quieres" lol

    Judith GonzalezJudith Gonzalez12 օր առաջ
  • My mom did that too my hair mix egg with mayonnaise but trust me wash it off with too hot of water and you end up with pieces of cooked egg....😆 your mom is right 12 years married but with 3 kids. You don’t have time hahah.

    Makeup With BrookeMakeup With Brooke12 օր առաջ
    • I gotta add when you have little kids not much time. Give yourself grace. But when your kids are getting older and you have more free time. Trying to look good for your husband won’t hurt!

      Makeup With BrookeMakeup With Brooke12 օր առաջ
  • It’s so much wisdom in these comments I’m so happy

    ShiShi12 օր առաջ
  • 12 year in, and yessssssss, I still get cute for hubby. I spend a lot of money at Victoria’s Secret 🤫.

    Julia CoutinhoJulia Coutinho12 օր առաջ
  • When I was a teenager mom over processed my hair, and she used mayonnaise to correct the situation. Never thought I'd see someone else do it!

    T BoothT Booth12 օր առաջ
  • I use mayo, olive oil, and honey to deep condition my hair & I leave it in for 30 minutes

    Marvah-Lee AlexisMarvah-Lee Alexis12 օր առաջ
  • Married for 12 years going to 13. Honestly is hasn’t been easy to keep up with what’s happening. I need to loose weight and it’s so hard to get started. Any advice?

    Jennifer GironJennifer Giron12 օր առաջ
    • Hey Jennifer. I recently came across this fitness app called FitOn.. its mostly free unless you want like mealplans and stuff. But the workouts are free. It’s really changed my exercise life because its fully customisable to your goals. You should check it out..

      Kiss BTSKiss BTS12 օր առաջ
  • Adrienne Iis soooooo BEAUTIFULLLLLL. I just cant get enough of watching her

    thandeka mwelithandeka mweli13 օր առաջ
  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Nora EssamNora Essam13 օր առաջ
  • She’s so relatable in this video.

    Tashia BBETashia BBE13 օր առաջ
  • This made me realize I need to do more, thanks girl!!! I needed this encouragement!!!! Muah 💋

    Amanda MartinezAmanda Martinez13 օր առաջ
  • "a drug store" Me: tf you knew drug lords!?

    Audrey MsiyaAudrey Msiya14 օր առաջ
  • New follower of Ms Adrienne from Philippines .. and I search them two bec im curious about the biography of ms Adrienne then i found out that her husband is a singer and song s Writer of Christian Songs .. woho!! Sir Israel Houghton super moved by your songs.. and i know the Holy Spirit is leading u to write those songs.. God bless and continue to be a blessing to others.. JESUS REIGNS .

    MayJane BaykingMayJane Bayking14 օր առաջ
  • How does the kenzi work on skin with more melanin?

    Sister LindaSister Linda14 օր առաջ
  • Ade is such a girly girl😂😂❤️❤️i love her hacks.

    Norleetha MNorleetha M14 օր առաջ
  • Yaaaaaaasssss, I keep up for Me, love you and stay sexy

    Francine Antonio-BrandFrancine Antonio-Brand15 օր առաջ
  • I am not married with my men but I do the same u do and I been with my man for 3 1/2 years I like looking cute for my man to

    Ruth JustinianoRuth Justiniano15 օր առաջ
  • Dile a tu madre que grasia porque mañana mepondre mayonesa en el pelo ❤😘

    Paola BrachoPaola Bracho15 օր առաջ
  • 2:25 what a British accent 😭

    見つけた見つけた15 օր առաջ
  • I'm new but I love her already

    Joyce MungiekoJoyce Mungieko15 օր առաջ
  • I actually enjoyed this so much haha

    Fatima RomeroFatima Romero15 օր առաջ
  • What hair products do you use?

    Sol SotoSol Soto16 օր առաջ
  • Love your mum wish she whad my mum aswell 😄 and yes you nead to keep up fixing yourself true the marrige

    Lina AdolfssonLina Adolfsson16 օր առաջ
  • when she says maaaa it reminds me of that scene from cheetah girls 😂

    Lemon SlushLemon Slush17 օր առաջ
  • I got four kids I don't have time🤣

    Plant PerfectPlant Perfect17 օր առաջ
  • PLEASE POST NEW CONTENT!!!! We love you A.

    D. MatiasD. Matias18 օր առաջ
  • Que Bonitas!

    Mandy H. xoxoMandy H. xoxo19 օր առաջ
  • Maaa is right! When you have kids you don't have much time to get cute for the hubby. Lol. But I enjoyed this GRWM video.

    Beverley WaughBeverley Waugh19 օր առաջ
  • My mom used to do this to my hair in the 80s.

    livingblessed100livingblessed10019 օր առաջ
  • Underwear still with the tags on?🤔

    M GM G20 օր առաջ
  • Maaaa! 😂😂

    BeniBeni21 օր առաջ
  • Love love loved this video love how u kept it real it really be like that getting ready all of a sudden i feel that way mami was so sweet

    Benazir AliBenazir Ali21 օր առաջ
  • Keep up the fight , the good fight to stay cute! - I felt that lol

    Tania C.Tania C.22 օր առաջ
  • Girl I once bought the wax to do my upper lip. The same kind of wax you talked about. Oh my gosh. Talk about painnnnn! I was home alone and had to do it inch by inch. Never again!!!

    Latoya RouseLatoya Rouse22 օր առաջ
  • Am I the only one coming back to this channel a couple times a week waiting for new content 😫😫💔💔

    KeySlaysTVKeySlaysTV23 օր առաջ
  • Love you guys 👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    iwona holmaniwona holman24 օր առաջ
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    iwona holmaniwona holman24 օր առաջ
  • I’ve always been a fan but someone said they met you and your definitely not nice is that true?

    el_me loveel_me love24 օր առաջ
  • Okay I’m not married yet but girlll I know for a fact that ima be like this too😂💙💙

    Jennifer hernandezJennifer hernandez24 օր առաջ
  • I love how she’s so excited 🥺

    Rafaela VictoriaRafaela Victoria24 օր առաջ
  • I love Adrienne’s mom! She is so real lol.

    Yasmin BagleyYasmin Bagley24 օր առաջ
  • EARLOBES?!!!

    SuperFluffy79SuperFluffy7924 օր առաջ

    SuperFluffy79SuperFluffy7924 օր առաջ
  • Adrienne, you were doing the most but I absolutely loved it! I enjoyed this episode!!!

    LaTonya Petrie-PorterLaTonya Petrie-Porter24 օր առաջ
  • Thank you for the code I orderd my Kenzzi I really hope it works 🤞

    Angie RendonAngie Rendon25 օր առաջ
  • You need a toiletries bag from Glamoholic Lifestyle by Mia Ray!!

    Niccole NelsonNiccole Nelson25 օր առաջ
  • You look beautiful.Mom adorable

  • You were amazing on the masked singer holy crap when you sang Hallelujah I almost cried thx for doing that

    AquaxAquax26 օր առաջ
  • U release a maaaa song. U just made me realise how my daughter Will call me as long as im alive. Its a btfl thing though it shows The btfl Bond btn the two of u. Miss u ladies on the real.

    Cadeau MbabaziCadeau Mbabazi26 օր առաջ

    AndraaAndraa26 օր առաջ
  • Did she touch the surfaces in the bathroom (i.e.door knob) and then put her fingers in the sugar and the coconut oil?🤔

    Terry WalkerTerry Walker27 օր առաջ
  • Dile mami we dont have time once we become moms...😁

    Cindy M. SaldanaCindy M. Saldana28 օր առաջ
  • 💝

    Leslie JonesLeslie Jones28 օր առաջ
  • 10 years of marriage and ALWAYS keeping it fresh and extra!!! ❤️👍🙌🏼💃🏽✅♥️

    Aniseta LarsenAniseta Larsen28 օր առաջ
  • I love how real she is lol 😂♥️

    Sayra DSayra D29 օր առաջ
  • Not Adrienne with mayonnaise in her hair wearing a shower cap with her face BEAT doing her nails on the floor , CAN I BE HER WHEN I GROW UP 😭 love u A

    Nikitha BostwickNikitha Bostwick29 օր առաջ
  • I've been together with hubby 20 years and yes i do try every time as much as i can cuz it's soooo hard with 3 kids. Mainly i try for me cuz if i feel good my mood is good...if i dont feel good about myself he feel he doesn't feel good about me which is not true. I just feel that way.

    Laura CardenasLaura CardenasԱմիս առաջ
  • Lmaoo I love your mom!!! Man I don’t even do all this. I should. I’m the worst lol

    Catherine KoppieCatherine KoppieԱմիս առաջ
  • When you have kids this does not go down only on special occasions or maybe girl time on sundays lol

    Mrs Ali LeonorMrs Ali LeonorԱմիս առաջ
  • Beautiful woman!

    Tell It Like It Is!Tell It Like It Is!Ամիս առաջ
  • I’ve done it and was in tears and sweating on the floor too girrrlll the worst!

    Mrs Ali LeonorMrs Ali LeonorԱմիս առաջ
  • I just love your mom!

    Fátima GómezFátima GómezԱմիս առաջ
  • 📴 after laser we can shave frequently cus hair grows in a week 🖕

    aslam khanaslam khanԱմիս առաջ
  • Omg my mom would have me use Mayo too 🤣

    Ivanna MaciasIvanna MaciasԱմիս առաջ
  • "It's time to get cutee" CHEETAH GIRL VOCALS I MISS YA'LL

    Jaela MccraeJaela MccraeԱմիս առաջ
  • You gotta post 😩 😩 😩!!!! for this month and I saw that all natural deodorant I use that too

    Jaela MccraeJaela MccraeԱմիս առաջ
  • Ok but why do I feel like this is lowkey a D appointment get ready with me ? 😂🤭

    Aleea JAleea JԱմիս առաջ
  • You looking good 💯👍🏾🤘🏾

    Gorilla EntertainmentGorilla EntertainmentԱմիս առաջ
  • I wish you showed how you did your makeup. You look sooo beautiful!!

    Inga HowatsonInga HowatsonԱմիս առաջ