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If you’re a girl, you could totally relate to at least one of these funny and sometimes really embarrassing scenarios! Do you love the look of long bright nails? They sure are beautiful, but practical?😱 That depends on who you ask!
Today, we’re answering simple yet tricky question: what’s better, short nails or long nails?
Face it, sometimes it pays to have short nails. But long nails have some advantages too!
We absolutely know the struggle! And if you too then
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00:02 Long nails vs short nails problems
01:06 Long and short nails struggles, beauty hacks for girls!
02:10 Funny girly struggles you can relate to
03:24 Long acrylic nails for 24 hours
06:12 100 Layers of nails epic challenge
08:22 100 Layers of nail polish extreme challenge for friends
10:21 Funny bloopers
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