My First SPANISH MAKEUP TUTORIAL! (English Subtitles)

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¿Quién está listo para un poco de maquillaje de otoño?
Who is ready for some fall makeup? 💋
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  • Girl. Lol I freaking loved this. That nuyorican came thru!!!!! Lol I am late seeing this but I enjoyed this so much!

    Nayda17Nayda1715 օր առաջ
  • Que maja parece

    SamuelSamuel22 օր առաջ
  • Que linda!!! Gracias!!! 🙏🏼 ❤️ ✌🏽

    Iris SweeneyIris Sweeney23 օր առաջ
  • I enjoyed this so much. I love hearing you speak Spanish.

    MyFavourites1MyFavourites127 օր առաջ
  • Yo tengo una prima que se parece a ti. Saludos. Desde México.

    ramongilasramongilas28 օր առաջ
  • Me gustó mucho este video ! tu maquillaje es hermoso y crecí observándote.

    Shelby KimShelby KimԱմիս առաջ
  • Great video!! Love your Spanish! Gracias por compartir tus talentos y por representarnos a las hispanas. Soy puertorriqueña y disfruto tus videos. Dtb!!

    Barbara DavilaBarbara DavilaԱմիս առաջ
  • excellent video.. i need more with English subtitles so I can learn Spanish faster

    diamondsandlipglossdiamondsandlipglossԱմիս առաջ
  • More makeup tutorials pleaseeeee

    Natalie RuizNatalie Ruiz2 ամիս առաջ
  • Highlight is iluminador

    Laura PembertonLaura Pemberton2 ամիս առաջ
  • I think your Spanish is better than Cardi B’s. I LOVE 💕 Cardi by the way but I find it hard to understand her Spanish and I know she said her Spanish is not good either. I love this tutorial. You make me want to buy new brushes 🤣🤣

    Brandy L JonesBrandy L Jones3 ամիս առաջ
  • My girl here out speaking two languages, that’s respectable enough

    Giu LopezGiu Lopez3 ամիս առաջ
  • You mean Language of the conquistadors (original taínos/native americans/tribe of ephraim)...but I get what your saying lol love the language, love the tutorial and love the makeup! Beautiful inside and out.

    Jeremiah GrahamJeremiah Graham4 ամիս առաջ
  • Adrienneeeeee noooooo! It’s not “fundación” we said to the foundation: “base” vamos a aplicar la “ base”. “ Fundación” is another thing, is like a Charity organization

    Estefanía Morales CastroEstefanía Morales Castro6 ամիս առաջ
  • Me encantó de Español. Yo también hablo en español perfectamente. Saludos Adrienne

    Fermín Acosta Jr.Fermín Acosta Jr.6 ամիս առաջ
  • Love you! Do more Spanish videos! 💕☺️

    Rachelle GeegeeRachelle Geegee6 ամիս առաջ
  • Me encanta su voz en ambas lenguas ❤️

    karen H.Rkaren H.R6 ամիս առաջ
  • Ma'am what men lindo dia Spanish what men in English

    Engineer jramzEngineer jramz7 ամիս առաջ
  • This was Great video Adrienne Love it and Estoy orgullosa de ser hispana and Love watching your video 😁💖💝Send alot of Love

  • She is just so gorgeous with or without make up like wow mind blowing Beauty

    12 gauge the don12 gauge the don7 ամիս առաջ
  • Love your skin!

    La Draga BlancaLa Draga Blanca8 ամիս առաջ
  • this tutorial gave me vidaaa. i loved it soo much, please do more spanish tutorial. i love you in everything you do, please keep it up, keep on putting up our hispanic herritage

    Veronica ColonVeronica Colon8 ամիս առաջ
  • I am pretty sure Foundation is ' base' in spanish 😊👍.

    Carla ACarla A8 ամիս առաջ
  • Si alguien quiere maquillaje 💄 esta es la mejor página en internet

    Flor NaranjoFlor Naranjo9 ամիս առաջ
  • Yes I noticed the gold it made a beautiful touch.

    Jasmine JugmohanJasmine Jugmohan9 ամիս առաջ
  • This is my first time seeing you without make up. Your bare face reminds me of Alexa PenaVega.

    Gail A.Gail A.9 ամիս առաջ
  • Why do you have to show skin any chance you get? It’s unnecessary. You’re just as beautiful covered up

    Nilisa ArkwardNilisa Arkward9 ամիս առաջ
  • Bruh Alana has a youtube channel ? I love this

    FocusEagleFocusEagle10 ամիս առաջ
  • Make up is A LOT WORK😰.....I admire the girls do for look beautiful i hope the men appreciate it💐

    rosieta linrosieta lin10 ամիս առաջ
  • Honestly I applaud adrienne because before I moved to DR, we don't notice ourselves how unclearly we say things, i learned much more after i moved and for what she knows it's good, I do recommend tho to speak more spanish w ur mom and family that way it becomes more fluent

    Krisandra SueroKrisandra Suero10 ամիս առաջ
  • Very useful for someone like me learning Spanish because I will probably need makeup when I spend time in Mexico. Thank you! And yes Spanish video about hair styling would be great!

    Suzanne MeyerSuzanne Meyer10 ամիս առաջ
  • Why are girls doing their contour so high now??? And putting their blush where there highlighter should be

    Oh, it’s not meOh, it’s not me10 ամիս առաջ
  • In Spanish we don’t use fundación, we say BASE DE MAQUILLAJE

    Laura Fernández LandaLaura Fernández Landa10 ամիս առաջ
  • Bushy -Peluda 🤣🤣🤣, quedastes hermosa me encantó tu video

    La ViajeraLa Viajera10 ամիս առաջ
  • I’m not gonna lie after a while of seeing makeup for awhile I think Adrienne bailon has some of my favorite looks she just always looks so fucking dewy and pretty 😍💜

    TruthsOfALostKidTruthsOfALostKid10 ամիս առաջ
  • Asombroso video. Sigue llegando el contenido. ¿Quieres ser amigos de AMwine?🖖

    Gypsy RoadGypsy Road11 ամիս առաջ
  • Iam learning so much today😎

    Aaliyah aliyahAaliyah aliyah11 ամիս առաջ
  • Please do another one!!!

    Marisa LastraMarisa Lastra11 ամիս առաջ
  • Seriously - do more episodes in Spanish. It was amazing!! Oh and damn - I learned so much about makeup and have a bunch to buy as a result.

    L CL C11 ամիս առաջ
  • Blush= COLORETE

  • She doesn't sound Puerto Rican she sounds Dominican...

  • It's RIMEL......not Rimen

  • No one: Adrienne: VEN LA DIFERENCIA

    Juliette TorreJuliette Torre11 ամիս առաջ
  • Yo hablo español perfectamente Adrienne

    Fermín Acosta Jr.Fermín Acosta Jr.11 ամիս առաջ
  • I love how her puerto rican accent comes right at us lol Love it!

    Fernanda SanvicenteFernanda SanvicenteՏարի առաջ
  • I like you’re video before I watched the 😁... and I really enjoyed it. You’re really good! I loved the terms you used and your accent.

    Areli AstudilloAreli AstudilloՏարի առաջ
  • Loved loved this all spanish makeup tutorial❣ So Beautiful

    Que Ves WeiQue Ves WeiՏարի առաջ
  • Is Alanna, from that's so raven?

  • Me encantó este video! Yo tambien tengo que practicar mi español. I'm fluent in spanglish too.

    Erika CorreaErika CorreaՏարի առաջ
  • Did she mention what color base she uses? The links don’t specify and Im going for her bronzy look!! I love love love her Spanglish!! Sounds like Selena!! Sounds like me 😂😂

    MaV11MaV11Տարի առաջ
  • Yesss girl Hispanic definitely be making up words you could say machéa to a Dominican or Puerto Rican and they will know what you talking about

    Taisha ChavezTaisha ChavezՏարի առաջ
  • Eres una bella! Foundation (makeup) in Spanish is “báse de maquillaje”.

    GraceGraceՏարի առաջ
  • I am learning Spanish and this video was so helpful and fun

    Emmah ChihavaEmmah ChihavaՏարի առաջ
  • I love her accent 😍😍😍

    Mariana RuizMariana RuizՏարի առաջ
  • Cejas /eyebrows Pestañas/ lashes

    Alett HAlett HՏարի առաջ
  • Are we really judging the way she speaks Spanish... even if it’s not “proper”, who really speaks grammatically correct all the time anyway lol

    rea B.rea B.Տարի առաջ
  • bushy eyebrows = cejas espesas

    ElizaElizaՏարի առաջ
  • Mascara - rímel I am fluent and taught it at a College level for years. Also thank you for doing a spanish tutorial I truly enjoyed it!

    Monica WestMonica WestՏարի առաջ
  • Me encanta como hablas. La verdad tú me inspírate a aprender español de niño así que graciaaaaaas 🤗

    American BoyAmerican BoyՏարի առաջ
  • I love that you are willing to keep pushing yourself and remain transparent about making your best efforts to learn and keep progressing! Keep rising and ..sigue brillando como un diamante para la gloria del Senor!

    Carmen MontoyaCarmen MontoyaՏարի առաջ
  • Joder qué acentazo puertorriqueño! me encanta

    María BelmonteMaría BelmonteՏարի առաջ
  • What is KIN?

    Dara UdobongDara UdobongՏարի առաջ
  • Su maquillaje quedó espectacular, soy 100% Latina y ni yo sé cómo se llaman esas cosas en español ella por lo menos sabe mucho de eso en español y en inglés

    loreany hernandezloreany hernandezՏարի առաջ
  • How do you keep up with your Spanish? I'm half Puerto Rican (my dad is from Bayamon) and my mom is Creole (Louisiana Creole) and I feel like I talk like a 4 year old lol even with your small mistakes (based on everyone else's comments) I'm amazed! I feel like since I don't use it daily that it's lost. I'm at the point where I understand much more than I speak and I don't want to be wrong when I speak so I just act like I don't speak Spanish *sigh*

    Maria's Happy PlaceMaria's Happy PlaceՏարի առաջ
  • “Fundación” no existe 😂 es “base”. Quizá tratabas de traducirlo literalmente pero en español los productos de maquillaje no tienen mucho parecido al inglés: Foundation: base Mascara: rímel Blush: rubor Eyeliner: delineador Highlighter: iluminador

    Josseline MoreiraJosseline MoreiraՏարի առաջ
  • Fundation en español se dice base de maquillaje just in case

    Maria Patricia Sarmiento SalcedoMaria Patricia Sarmiento SalcedoՏարի առաջ
  • La palavra bushy si esists its "pachon" .

    concertsconcertsՏարի առաջ
  • Fundation=base

    Karlet SwanKarlet SwanՏարի առաջ
  • Wow que bonita

    Mariana CereceroMariana CereceroՏարի առաջ
  • Me encanta que hermosa 💛✨

    Melanie Orellana.Chile.Melanie Orellana.Chile.Տարի առաջ
  • When she said “Sopla! Sopla!” (Blow) 🤣🤣🤣

    Zizipho RasayiZizipho RasayiՏարի առաջ
  • I would say speaks quite good spanishif she wasn't latina, but she is, and to me, it's a little sad you can't speak fluently the language that is spoken where you come from. I mean, language is part of our culture.

    Lula cuarentaLula cuarentaՏարի առաջ
  • I thought " foundation " was " base de maquillaje" 😊 me encanto el video, God bless you 💖

    Tai MelendezTai MelendezՏարի առաջ
  • Good job, ella dijo k su español no es perfecto pero yo entendí todo, excelente tutorial!!! Queremos mas🤗

    Valencia BarraganValencia BarraganՏարի առաջ

    paola galindo bernalpaola galindo bernalՏարի առաջ
  • En español es base de maquillaje, no “fundación”

    Camila RangelCamila RangelՏարի առաջ
  • Yeeeeeez i am zpanglizh... ! Luv ur makeup tutorial thnk u zoo much i did learn alot from ur video...xoxo

    Veronica GilVeronica GilՏարի առաջ
  • Fundación 😂😂😂

    nallely mucinonallely mucinoՏարի առաջ
  • Tú español está bastante bien, es mejor a no hablarlo por completo. Pero te recomiendo que lo practiques más para que no lo pierdas. Love your channel ♥️

    Tays RapunzellTays RapunzellՏարի առաջ
  • this makeup is STUNNING

    Jodi WilliamsJodi WilliamsՏարի առաջ
  • Pero que belleza 💘💘💘 I love youuuuuuuu💜

    Miss CardoxomMiss CardoxomՏարի առաջ
  • She needs to learn how to conjugate tenses and verbs but for native spanish speakers is totally understandable

    David ArjonDavid ArjonՏարի առաջ
  • Fundación jajajaj

  • I also learned “blend” in Spanish is difuminar ✨

    Esther CidaEsther CidaՏարի առաջ
    • Esther Cida muy cierto 👏🏼

      Tays RapunzellTays RapunzellՏարի առաջ
  • Foundation en PR le decimos base. La palabra que mas trabajo me dio aprender fue el contorno!! Siempre decía contour.

    Erikajulianna115Erikajulianna115Տարի առաջ
  • That is so cool that you speak Spanglish as well I know you'll struggle girl trust me I also learned new things through you

    Annie De La RosaAnnie De La RosaՏարի առաջ
  • Fundación quedé

    Gonzalo MartínezGonzalo MartínezՏարի առաջ
  • Hablas perfecto Español!! ♡ Otro tutorial Así Por favor!😍

    VeroTvzVeroTvzՏարի առաջ
  • Tu español es como el de JLo 😍😍😍😍😍

    Ninette PadillaNinette PadillaՏարի առաջ
  • Si me gusto oirte hablando español muy bien

    Maribel TorresMaribel TorresՏարի առաջ
  • I Looooove your spanish girl! It's better then JLo and Becky G combined. And I love u even more for that 😘

    Samantha CantuSamantha CantuՏարի առաջ
  • Yesssss! I'm bilingual but I have failed my kiddos as they speak spanglish! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    vivian quintanavivian quintanaՏարի առաջ
  • I love how she's rich af but using affordable products

    Candice RoyalCandice RoyalՏարի առաջ
    • @QUËËN CANTERA J can't understand hun

      Candice RoyalCandice RoyalՏարի առաջ
    • Goma también se puede decir. Depende el país de origen. Ambos son correctos.

  • Fundación no es En español es base de maquillaje Me encantó el video

    Oh! poliOh! poliՏարի առաջ
  • She sounds like Selena Quintanilla. That is exactly what she sounded like when she spoke spanish.. Lol

    Lorend GoveaLorend GoveaՏարի առաջ
    • Are you saying that as a good or bad thing?

      Gail A.Gail A.9 ամիս առաջ
  • Is she the Adrienne that dated Rob Kardashian back in the days ?

    RachelRachelՏարի առաջ
  • Yes I am one of those who keeps searching for AMwine videos of adrienne speaking español 😍..

    P.G_ AP.G_ AՏարի առաջ
  • Adrienne we love you but you don’t say fundación. Foundation is fundación like a charity. Foundation makeup is Base. Omg gurl.

    Eunice GuzmanEunice GuzmanՏարի առաջ
  • Selena didn’t speak perfect Spanish either, we love you A! 😘❤️

    Krystine EKrystine EՏարի առաջ
  • Pues yo si te entendí! Muy bien girl!

    RedRedՏարի առաջ