iPhone 1 - Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote in 2007 - Full Presentation, 80 mins

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"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything ..." Steve Jobs said during a MacWorld keynote in 2007 and this was definitely hyperbole but the introduction of the original iPhone was a major moment in mobile history. With news that Jobs is resigning as Apple CEO, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at Jobs' showing the world the first iPhone.
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  • 2020

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  • I dream of the day when the current administrator, Timothy Donald Cook, leaves Apple and is replaced by a true visionary and innovator like Jobs. May be it will never happen and Apple will continue shipping low-risk products that give it just enough of an edge to continue to lead. Not courage - simply a lack a desire to disrupt the world. They are simply riding the natural growth of tech. Boring.

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  • Who's watching in 2020 to update the "slave.exe" file in your brain?

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  • 30:10: Tim Cook's Voicemail After Steve left Apple only generated revenues if Steve saw the way Apple is being handled today he would be dead again

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  • 2/12/2020

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  • 0:33x.

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  • Don't worry Steve thanks for starting of this new generation but Android will take eit from here!!

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  • A “g i a n t” screen

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  • Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

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  • The moment when he made history

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  • I dunno man but I really like this phone more than iPhone 12

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  • nobody wants stylus - steve jobs APPLE - apple pencil.

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  • me watching this on my iphone 11: 😃👍

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  • CEO of Google praising iPhone? Unusual considering Google make Android, the IPhone's biggest competitor.

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  • proud owner of MacBook Pro 13 and iPhone 11 iPad 8th gen. apple is apple. 🍏 no other overcome bcoz apple devices are fanastic. only apple users know its marvellous. love from india ❤️ 💕 🇮🇳 💝 thanks and regards- sathvick kumaran.

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  • POV: your watching this the day the iphone 12 was unveiled

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  • Omg.

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  • Perfect.

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  • This was the last day the whole audience came without iPhones.

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  • Steve jobs: takes a breath Audience: APPLAUSE

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  • Fantastic.

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  • Am I’m the only one laughing🤣🤣🤣

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  • We miss him,right?

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  • Roda freefire? Kkkkk

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  • Too bad he died of HIV, Tim Cook will fulfil his dream of the first homophone

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  • 2020-2030 kids, before you look down on me because i don't use tik tok and snapchat, just remember that I WAS THERE when the revolution started... You hear me ? I WAS THERE !

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  • Oh boy they didnt know it would be this big otherwise they would never colaborate with cingulare

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  • This is time for D.D.D and PADORO

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  • Did anyone else notice President Donald Trump on the abc Intro Logo? @ 19:23

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  • Who is watching this in 2020 October just to refresh the memory lane...

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  • It’s interesting how “Breakthrough internet communicator” got the fewest whoops from the audience, but was probably the most culturally defining aspect of the iPhone

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  • I miss the old Apple. The company as a whole has gone so downhill after his death... they scam you every chance they get now... smdh.

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    • itll come back with apple glass and apple headset by 2024

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  • It’s interesting how “Breakthrough internet communicator” got the fewest whoops from the audience, but was probably the most culturally defining aspect of the iPhone

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  • I loved my blackberry bold, an absolute productivity monster

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  • I mean, the home button still doesn't change with every application. Still love Apple products! (even tho they're overpriced)

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  • 16:46 So sad, that now apple cannot monetize this video if they upload this to youtube 💔

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  • "ignores unintended touches" Year 2020, still taking pictures of the inside of my pocket.....

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    • never happened to me even once faulty unit maybe

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  • the shock of the crowd when he scrolled in ipod is so weird considering no one even thinks about that in 2020

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  • Me back in the 90s oh t0hat cuputer is the best

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  • and nothing new happened since then...

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  • This iPhone presentation is the most important thing on smart phone history I'm hoping this video will never be deleted

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  • Apple: No one wants a stylus Samsung: hay you got a problem with that

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    • Stolen

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  • You didn't search for this but its interesting enough to make you click right?

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  • This day in 2007, Apple unveiled the iPhone 2G, the first iPhone.

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  • Beautiful love u.

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  • 06:41 a giant screen , a giant screen. how perception shifts quickly.

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  • people that died in the 1960s and reborn in 2000: It’s the future us: It’s the past students that are born in 2222: was it 1827 that time?

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  • Perfect.

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  • Can't wait for this to come out!

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  • poor steve jobs

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  • Apple: No one wants a stylus Samsung: hay you got a problem with that

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  • When chargers were included 😔😔😔

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  • A la verga.

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  • Imagine the Apple people if everyone just said what is this touch crap, I want my plastic buttons!

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  • 6:39: why would we use a stylus??!! Note users: WHAT DID YOU SAY?....

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  • the shock of the crowd when he scrolled in ipod is so weird considering no one even thinks about that in 2020

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  • And a cult was born.

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  • Superb.

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  • I just bought an $18,000 phone.

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  • Steve jobs convinced me that i need to buy a 13 year old phone in 2019

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  • ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

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  • Imagine if someone came from the future and walked on stage with an iPhone X and said Steve shut the fuck up check this out

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  • 4000 Latte to go - still a great joke. Especially if you know that all demo iPhones where prepared to work only on a special functionality!

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  • Lol I like the older Apple Music landscape option ! Looks so cool Split view on email This fckrr Tim Cook is taking apple backwards

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  • It’s crazy how the iPhone hasn’t changed fundamentally to this day. Steve and his team created something that still lasts and continues to be arguably the best device to have. Astonishing, truly

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  • This is a day . Thank u Steve

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  • 0:33x.

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  • i've never had an iphone but this was legendary.

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  • This Steve Jobs guy has a pretty good presentation, he should make a company.

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  • 19:23 Donald Trumph on the screen

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  • Somehow, a dead person has convinced me to buy a 13-year-old product.. Even though I have something that’s way better

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    • @Kylie do you have a problem with that?

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    • Stolen

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  • 28:53 tim cook's number

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  • Steve: breath One guy in the back: Woow claps*

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  • 1:02c.

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  • This was the last day the whole audience came without iPhones.

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  • I love this movie.

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  • 27:04 Jobs: Shows that you can connect 2 calls together Me: why didn´t i know it earlier O.o

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  • Did anyone else notice President Donald Trump on the abc Intro Logo? @ 19:23

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