I pretended to be Musty in his own tournament

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We switched accounts and played in each others community tournaments, meaning I became Musty playing against his community and Musty becoming MERTZY playing against YOU guys!
►Musty's perspective: amwine.info/town/rYnBnY9ltL-vqpc/video.html
Today, Musty and I team and make each other play in our own viewer tournaments. To do this, we actually switch accounts so I become Musty and he becomes MERTZY. We then of course, join each others tournaments while making everybody believe that they are playing against who they think they are. What they don't know is, that behind the account, it's actually someone else. And now, it's my time to try and beat Musty's community undercover. Will I be able to win the tournament? Will I flop and fail, or score ceiling shot after ceiling shot and all the 180 and 360 flicks in the world? Imagine if RLCS teams did this at Madrid, that would be pretty wild - and now I want it to happen.. Just think about it, pro players like Squishy, Lethamyr, JZR, Scrubkilla etc. using each others accounts.

Next video will again focus dribbles, fakes and more as well as the beloved fails and funny moments. I tried to shift my focus on ball resets, no flips, triple plays and more of freestyling in general, so if I can, I will be releasing a Funny Moments video next.
#MERTZY #RocketLeague
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