I Made An Epic Druid SPELLTOME - The Tome Of Earth

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Making a "traditional" leatherbound fantasy tome!
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Today we're finally continuing the saga by creating the Tome of Earth, the third book in the Elemental series! In this bookbinding video we create an epic spellbook wrapped in green stained leather using traditional techniques. Check out our other bookbinding videos for more in-depth explanations of the steps such as sewing the signatures and sewing headbands, or our detailed step-by-step course called "Quest Log" available to Patrons and Members from the Apprentice tier and up.
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- 1 mm vegetable tanned goat leather: www.sloyd-detaljer.no/sortiment/laersloyd/skinn-laer/geiteskinn-4466
- 48 sheets A3 sized sketchbook paper (110 gsm)
- Coffee and baking soda for staining the paper + PH strips
- 2 sheets A3 black paper as end sheets (140 gsm)
- Waxed thread: * bit.ly/2O9ZFJb
- Hemp / jute cord for stitching: * bit.ly/2x4iYw2
- Silver corner decorations: * bit.ly/2O6itsD
- Similar corner protectors: bit.ly/2J7xrgm or bit.ly/cornermetal
- Leather cord for headbands
- Embroidery thread for headbands
- Brass buckles: bit.ly/2E90hc8
- Satin ribbon bookmark
- Thin, strong cloth for covering the spine
- Leather stain, "extra black"
- Fiebings leather dye in "Green"
- Greaseproof parchment paper
- 3 mm wooden fiberboard covers
- Faux gold leaf
- Basic leather crafting kit: * bit.ly/2x2SpXY
- Leather stitching kit: * bit.ly/2N7T1Xq
- Awl: * bit.ly/2O7o2qH
- Swivel knife: * bit.ly/swiv-knife
- Leather hole punch: bit.ly/2N46uPN
- Leather cap rivet set: bit.ly/2x2faMt
- Mallet
- Bone folder: bit.ly/2N49yLW
- Book press (or a stack of heavy books)
- Burnishing tool
- Stitching jig (or a suitable chair, square frame, etc.)
- Bookbinding glue: panduro.com/nb-no/products/lim-lakk-tape/lim/papirlim/panokitt-lim-bookbinding-250ml-514019
- Contact glue
- Thick needle
- Scissors & x-acto knife
- Wax for leather
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    • Wht did you make a book for canada then make it green

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    • The funny thing is that the druids worshipped trees, and millions of trees are cut down for the production of paper... So it makes more sense that the druids made books out of the skin of loggers or from their scalps ;)

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    • Hi Leah! We don't sell any books I'm afraid, as we focus fully on making content for AMwine and bookbinding takes a lot of time. It's also a bit hard to make an estimation of material costs, as everything depends on the amount you buy of everything, what kind of leather you get, etc. But if you choose to buy the bookbinding course you can use the code "EPICBOOKS" for 50% off 😊 Take care! Edit: also, check out www.iostopan.com for professional handmade leather books 😊 - Martina

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  • Oh, btw, that stuff for the hardcover is called Masonite. I'm an artist and have painted on it for decades--much smoother than canvas and I don't get holes in it when transporting paintings for shows.

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  • For other viewers: ALIGNING OF LEATHER TO THE BOOK Permanently Attaching the leather to a surface reduces DISTORTION of the leather from stamping and carving. Another method is temporarily attaching a stiff backing (e.g. with (double sided) carpet tape, and you may even get away with just putting tape on the back of the leather itself. Using a temporary method makes it easier to have another go if you (or when I) make a mistake.

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